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About Us

Spirit Airlines has been enjoying a steady growth in the aviation industry from past many years, now. The airline’s growth is measured in terms of increase in its fleet size, expansion of its network, and rise of its popularity among the travelers. The airline was first founded in the year 1964 as Clippert Trucking Company in Michigan. In 1992, the brand was renamed Spirit Airlines.

The airline’s route network is extensive, including more than 300 markets. Spirit Airlines caters to more than 75 airports throughout the US, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

Spirit works with a mission to provide good flight services to its passengers at ultra-low fares. Good services, competitive prices, and more routes make Spirit one of the most passenger-friendly airlines in the world.

The backbone of Spirit Airlines is its employees. Due to the devoted efforts and dedication of the airline’s workers, Spirit has been able to provide brilliant services to its passengers from ground to air.

Spirit will keep striving for opening more and more doors to the wider world for its passengers.

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